Friday, December 09, 2005

Oh, The Stories...

I guess it been a small hobby to cruise on the internet from time to time. I came across this out there some where.....

FRESH AIR (Los Angeles, CA)
"A Breath of" 1970 (Amaret st-5005) [1]"A Breath of" 2004 (CD Radioactive 076, UK)
Obscure band on MGM subsidiary caught in transition from west coast psych to west coast rock. Not rated that highly but I think it's pretty solid, with 2-3 great psychy tracks. Should appeal to fans of the '69-70 style of Sugar Creek or Wizards From Kansas. Pro-sounding affair with nice use of organ throughout. It seems that this may have been a band originally called California Grassfield who had competed locally in Ventura County with psych legends Children Of the Mushroom. Confirmation of this would be appreciated. An original Australian pressing apparently also exists. [PL]---Fine mix of hard distorted guitar and dreamy organ floater psych with trippy dippy lyrics sung meaningfully. Crazed, heavy cover of "For What It's Worth". [RM]---Standard semi-heavy rock with prominent organ, a soulful singer, and a pretty mainstream sound. If this album wasn't so rare, no one would notice it. It's not bad for what it is, but not particularly distinctive either. [AM]

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Encyclopedia Listing Found for "Children of the Mushroom"

Encyclopedia listing was found at for "Children of The Mushroom" Online listings like these seem to come and go. For now anyway it seems to be here. Click on the title link above.
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