Friday, July 29, 2005

Talk about bands in a tree. Here is The Captives. Starting left is Jerry McMillen, Mark Mckean, Al Pisciotta and Dennis Christensen

I was just thinking

I am a little nervous about going to this reunion. I loved playing the music we made back then though. I haven't played drums in about twelve years. I only hope I don't have to break any more drumsticks. We didn't mic the drums back then, I don't think we had the ability most of the time. I remember nicking my knuckles a lot, blood all over....

I remember many of our

I remember many of our Mushroom practices ended after a black and white (Ventura Sheriff) unit showed up. Did that happen to any of your bands? ...Dennis - COTM

It seems like that was normal for every practice, right around 10pm. I even remember a bunch of squad cars and helmeted cops trying to enter my house, where Cast was rehearsing. Scary!

Steve Stewart

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Boyd and Dennis

I am recalling another time when Boyd and I met up after a day at the car wash. He told me how we could get into the drive in for free. Who cares what was playing we needed some action! Any way I think it was Boyd... As we got close to the drive in he got out and went behind the fence. I paid for myself and drove in. Must have looked completely normal, right. He jumped the fence as I drove slowly by and jumped into the car, wow. Boyd my brain is straining, if this was not you forgive me.


PS I always new Boyd was a better drummer than I was. You were great Boyd.

2 of my Sons - Both into Music now

Here is a photo of two of my sons taken in the 1980's. Nathan on the left and Aaron on the right. Both rockers today. The other Photo is Nathan with his hawk.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hope you enjoy some memories.....

Hi everyone.

Anyway I guess most of us from 60's bands are in our 50's and ready to really share our memories from the Time.
Some of you might remember working at Conejo Car Wash. I remember having some fun along with Boyd Cannon washing too many cars. We called ourselves the Tempers after the product we were told to use on the front bumpers. As true rebels of the time we would smear a little of the product on the bumper so Hugh Holbert the owner would see it was being used. After a very long hard worked day at the car wash some of us would head out on a date to a movie at the Newbury Park Drive Inn or have to shower up and go play our guts out at a local high school and or whatever.

Dennis Christensen Swanson
Children of the Mushroom - drummer

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