Thursday, July 28, 2005

Boyd and Dennis

I am recalling another time when Boyd and I met up after a day at the car wash. He told me how we could get into the drive in for free. Who cares what was playing we needed some action! Any way I think it was Boyd... As we got close to the drive in he got out and went behind the fence. I paid for myself and drove in. Must have looked completely normal, right. He jumped the fence as I drove slowly by and jumped into the car, wow. Boyd my brain is straining, if this was not you forgive me.


PS I always new Boyd was a better drummer than I was. You were great Boyd.


Blogger Boyd C said...

Hey Denny,

Man, the car wash and the drive in!! Life was really good back then.

Thanks for the compliments on the drums but you are one hell of drummer as well. I always loved your blue sparkels Ludwig set.

2:27 PM  

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