Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dave From Massachusetts Likes Mushrooms Too

This is the heading I found placed on a Donovan site by Dave. If you click on the above link you can preview some awesome music.

My all time fave sixties bands:

Children of the Mushroom was listed among several more famous groups. I guess you never know what young talent might do. The music might remain.

Quote from Dave:

You guys were great. The track, "You Can't Erase A Mirror" awesome song. Did Children Of The Mushroom ever release a full albums worth of recorded material? I would pick it up instantly if so. Your band and all the bands I've listed were so inspirational to me. I'm a recording artist as well. Thanks for speaking up.You guys will never be forgotten.

Update, from Dave and his band Mushroom Tea Stories: We play YCEAM three times a week. We also had a surprise video shoot of one of our shows. It came out pretty good though we had a very limited time slot on stage, we performed three late sixties tunes, one really obscure/The Boss Tweeds: a wristwatch band, then Cream: tales of brave ulysses, and Donovan: hurdy gurdy man. Were gonna try and get a set recorded with You Can't Erase A Mirror as well. That song will always be a fave of ours.

Cast of a Thousand Site

Come on over to the new Cast of a Thousand site. There are some pictures of CAST from the Photos link that Jim Rolfe pulled off of Jerry McMillen's video shoot at CVD.

Cast of a Thousand
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