Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Garage Rock Radio Theme - MySpace Video

Garage Rock Radio Theme - MySpace Video

Nice of Garage Rock Radio to include a photo of Children of the Mushroom into their new video theme!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ebay Bidding - Children of the Mushroom

Well I haven't seen one of our 45s for sale on ebay for a while. This one seems a bit worn. How much will it sell for?

I did contact the Seller & this is his reply

YOUR THE MAN!~I wish you lived down the street for i would beg you to sign it....Oh you probably would have just talked me out of this many of you guys are still around?.....Picked this up at an estate sale here in El Paso...Mil.bases everywhere so no telling where it came from....the listing originated on Craigslist....I will see this lady again I'm sure at another sale and will find out everything i can about the family but this may take time..(I wont forget)....Thank you very much for your email...Have you seen the jerry bright on line? take care.....drew
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