Friday, November 28, 2014

New Children of the Mushroom Album LP/CD

Children Of The Mushroom

Available in Vinyl LP & CD

With only one 45 released back at the time, Children Of The Mushroom epitomized the psychedelic- garage sound coming out from California in the late 60s. Formed in Thousand Oaks by Jerry McMillen and Dennis Swanson, they evolved from a mid- 60s teen- beat band called The Captives.

In 1967, they became Children Of The Mushroom, a name which reflected their new psychedelic sound and image.

The following year, they caught the attention of a couple of young producers, who signed the band for a 45 release. Recorded in 1968 for Soho Records, "August Mademoiselle" / "You can't erase a mirror", is one of the masterpieces from the first psychedelic era: feedback, fuzz, organ, mysterious vocalsÂ…Soon after, the band incorporated a new guitar player, shortened their name to The Mushroom and started playing in a more heavy- psych vein, in a similar style to Iron Butterfly.

This retrospective album includes both tracks from their monster 45 with sound taken from the masters plus previously unreleased tracks by The Mushroom, recorded in 1968. These are raw, lo- fi home recordings (some of the tracks were recorded in a real garage!) with lot of fuzz guitar and organ. It's the sound of a psychedelic band in 1968 playing free and wild, without any producer or record label executive telling them what to do. An incredible document.

Remastered sound. Fold- out colour insert with liner notes / interview with the band members and rare photos / memorabilia.

Tracklist: August Mademoiselle - You Can't Erase a Mirror - Blade* - It Won't Be Enough* - Vortex* - Care For Me* - Exordium (The Mushroom Theme)*

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