Friday, March 02, 2012

It's March... of the Ents...over snow capped Rockies

A good friend, musician n' Rocky Mountain survivor-
 Wally Stoltze III.

He and I printed 'PIG IRON' in '69 to distribute at TOHS; a monthly guide to concerts and reviews.
'Pygmy Productions' for concerts and cave raves... rented the CLC auditorium for a San Fernando Valley band, 'Champion' and Cast of a Thousand concert.
We wrote some tunes: 'Spill the Wine' for Brother's Keeper,
'Evasella' for Lady
'Factory Man' with Cast
'Nordic Reindeer revue' for Marut
'Spiders in Yer Chimney, (baby)' for Cast Iron Pygmies...

Cheers, Wally.
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