Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cast of a Thousand, circa. 1972-1973

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Cast of a Thousand had many members over the years. In this particular picture we have the original members, Wally Stoltze, Jim Rolfe, Steve Stewart, Dave Fontana, Keith Heins, plus Jerry McMillen. Jerry was added to provide help with vocals. We were supposed to be preparing to go to Europe to do a Heineken sponsored concert. It was all very unclear and the trip never materialized. This picture was shot at my rental house on Los Feliz and was where we rehearsed.

Steve Stewart


Blogger Scungilli said...

Our trip to Europe, a gig in Amsterdam and Waterloo, dematerialized thanks to us adding more members to the band. Conga player, tromboner, penny whistlers...
just living up to our name.

11:39 AM  

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