Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Rumor has it that Children of the Mushroom, Lady, and Cast of a Thousand will be playing May 4th between 6pm and 9pm at the annual Conejo Valley Days. I will put up more details as they become available. Dennis, have you heard anything about this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...I'm David Fruhling, T.O.H.S. class of 1973. I'm in So. Oregon today.
I remember Spider playing at T.O.H.S. quad. The picture of him sitting w/guitar is in my 1973 H.S. annual.
Anyway, I'm a bit younger than you guys but "...older than that now..."
I own a pretty nice Yamaha electronic keyboard but just don't know how to play. My favorite musician is Keith Emerson and have the Tarkus album cover tattooed on my right upper arm. Jon Lord is #2.
Did any of you guys know Mike "Boot" Darling...drummer? Same age as I. He died of a "...brief illness" according to the T. O. News Comical paper. Saw him last about 1987. I rode my Harley from 1373 Montgomery Rd. to Park Oaks Liquor for a 12 pack 'o Coors Light (about 3 blocks) and he walked up. Hadn't seen him for about 15 or more years and he tripped 'cause I was all super long haired "Bikered-Out" on my Harley(1972 XLH)
Anyway, I may have some stories of interest.
Also, anyone heard of Paul Christopher "Mange" Marin who lived on Colgate? Keyboardist. We keep in touch. His sister Linda married a guy who may have played w/Spider and/or Boot. Get me at
Thanks, Brothers and Sisters!

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