Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Marlene Allawos Hallack, Remembering Thousand Oaks Band Times

One beautiful smile that brightened up COTM's day (as well as many others) at BandTreell belonged to Marlene Allawos Hallack! She seemed to remember so much about those past days. I could see eyes light up and smiles appear on everyone she talked with. The memories were so thick you could cut em with a knife. Thanks so much, Marlene for taking the time to remind some of us about some precious times out of our Thousand Oaks band days. I always seem to feel more alive after a BandTree event. My brain was on overload at this function so Marlene I'm so sorry I wasn't very quick to remember. I did wake up the next day with a smile remembering everything. Give my love to Christy and Karen too! Thanks for being there!



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