Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cast of a Thousand, circa. 1972-1973, again

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Another picture from the same day of a picture shoot. That's Jim's Volkswagon in the background. Ok, let me see if I can get this history correct. At the gig in T.O. two weeks ago I tried to explain where Cast came from after Jerry M gave a history COTM. It was Mushroom then Lady and then I started working with Wally, while still playing with Burgundy Flyte, writing tunes. Jim called me up and said, "Let's do something" (ah, Jim did you say that?). Anyway, we started working at one of the Johnson's brother's house, rehearsing new tunes. Our first gig was at the rec center in Newbury Park, September of '72, correct me if I'm wrong, anyone please...

Steve Stewart


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