Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another Children of the Mushroom Fan

This fan wrote this about us today. Located in Germany I believe.

I think that is a GRRREAT photo of MUSHROOM; just looking at it makes me want to go and experience the band live. I now understand that indeed you are a true first generation rock'n'roller and psychedelic, so it's all the more exciting to hear of your exploits. I gather that you must be a couple of years my senior (I was born in 1954); so you are of the generation that we used to look up to in those heady old days.

I the first time I heard of the Children was in about 1985, when 'You Can't Erase...' was included on one of the early garage and psych samplers; The Magic Cube, which incidentally was merely a flexi disc. it probably wasn't quite legal, since I don 't think you ever saw any money for it. yet, it probably was still to your advantage to be on it, because at least that way people got to know your name; people living thousands of miles away, like me, who would now be only too interested in acquiring a CD of your material.

From your words I understand that in the original days you probably didn't take the whole music scene quite as serious as we collectors tend to do; I suppose that's always the way it goes; we always have to interpret so much more into the bands and their motives.


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