Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dennis & Dave Fontana Talking Onstage @ CVD 2006

At the Conejo Valley Days event this last Thursday I brought my digital recorder out to try to catch a few comments with some wonderful friends. I have to tell you every time I go to one of these events my emotions are affected for a few days, it was an extreme pleasure to talk and visit and play some of the old tunes from the 1960’s for me and 1970’s for others. I’m not a writer nor a reporter but I love all of the guys and gals from the past band times in Thousand Oaks and will try to get something down here. Hopefully others will help me as I cannot capture how they felt. Anyway If you click on the above title link you will hear some audio comments.
Dave Fontana
is the first one. He begins with how some of Jim Rolfe’s old home recordings of Cast of A Thousand made him feel.
Children of the Musroom played but without Al Pisciotta & Bob Holland. They were missed by all! All the Bands sounded great! No easy task getting folks together from all over to practice and play. I guess it was easier for us back then because we all lived in the same town. The music was important back then and still is.


Blogger Scungilli said...

Dennis, It was great to finally meet you and a great day of music and friends.
I appreciate what you've done- keeping the spirit alive.

All the Best,
Dave Fontana

5:10 PM  
Blogger Dennis C Swanson said...

Dave, Same for me!! The Music was and still is!

Dennis COTM 1967

5:15 PM  

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