Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mushroom Equipment Hauling Machines - 1960s

The green 51 Cadillac ambulance was bought from a friend of Al Piciottas. As Captives then we could load all the equipment and members into this monster bought for $150.00. I later painted big yellow Mushrooms on it then actually took it to Earl Shibe and forced them to honor there $29.99 paint job. The Color then became dark blue. April Pierson named it Esmeralda (April was my girlfriend when we recorded our 45, a beautiful lady) . It had started out in New York City. I sold it for $25.00.

The 1963 Volks Piano Van was later painted Volks Orange with yellow wheels and a big chrome stinger at the rear. I paid $600.00 sold for $1000.00

The 1964 Falcon Sprint was purchased for $1000.00. It was my friend Pat VanAuken who had a very nice 65 who inspired me to get this one. Both of our cars were Vintage Burgundy in color.

I also had a 1955 Chevy between the Cady and the Volks, just have to dig a picture out one of these days and add it in.


Blogger harry k stammer said...

Dennis, what year did you get the ambulance? I was in junior high (no junior highs in T.O. then, just 1st thru 8th grade) when I first saw it. I thought it was a hearse.

cheers, steve

9:33 AM  
Blogger Dennis C Swanson said...

Hi Steve,

It was in October or November of 1966. I then had it painted dark blue. The front seat was leather (we always had 4 in the front). and it had two fold up jump seats inside the side door. A three speed, a big V8. I guess it stood out in TO. My step dad always cringed at it being parked at our home in Conejo Oaks. One night I had April with me returning from the Valley and was pulled over and ticketed on TO Blvd dropped April off and pulled over and ticketed on the way home for the same fix it item. Hmmmmmm. My hair was long too.

10:06 AM  

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