Sunday, September 02, 2007

Unsound Souls Featuring Gary Meinhold

What a pleasure to watch these guys play one more time. Gary Meinhold was spectacular and full of tons of energy. And Talk Talk remember that one! I visited with Gary at one of the practices. He shared about his early 1960's days with the band and the years he spent on the road. Thanks Gary for being a part of BandTreell.Gary has the red ball cap in the video. Playing with him some other famous T.O. guys , Jim Rolfe, Rich Severson, & Boyd Cannon


Anonymous frank said...

is this the same gary meinhold who attended newbury park hs and lived on emmerson in TO ??


2:55 PM  
Blogger Dennis Swanson said...

Hi Frank, (England?)
Thanks for stopping by. Good question! Sounds like it might be the same Gary. You might have to ask Jim Rolfe.


7:25 PM  

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