Sunday, July 03, 2011

California Gold Coast Dreamin'

Just acme across a new Band blog that is covering the Tri County rock bands from the 1960s. There are a few bands that I'm now becoming familiar with outside of Ventura County. I look forward to checking California Gold Coast Dreamin' often. The featured band on the blog this month of July 2011 is, Children of the Mushroom

makes ya wanna join a band all over again...



Blogger SK Waller said...

Thanks for this! You're made up of all kinds of awesome!

10:03 AM  
Blogger Dave Fontana said...

COTM were a major influence on me as a young SoCal musician, so glad to hear them being heard.

Any relation to Vincent Waller?

3:16 PM  
Blogger SK Waller said...

No, but my brother Rick Waller (whose middle name does happen to be Vincent), used to drum sometimes with the Dartells ("Hot Pastrami").

1:09 PM  

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